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Practicing Presence by practicing patience, gratitude and irresponsible generosity

These three practices  of patience, gratitude and irresponsible generosity are connected and sort of swirl around each other. They can be practiced by themselves (and should be) but as we practice one, each naturally lead us to practice and express God’s … Continue reading

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What seeing my father in the mirror taught me about God

That is a little bit of what both Moses in Leviticus and Jesus in Matthew are trying to explain to us. They are saying things like my father said to me; but on behalf of God . Like always put … Continue reading

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The man (or woman) in the mirror

I remember the day that I woke up, looked in the mirror and realized that I had become my father. Now I love my father. But he used to make me so mad sometimes. He would say stuff like, “Always … Continue reading

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sync your heart with God’s heart

Dwelling in the presence of God just makes us more open to the God surprises in each day. It moves us from an analytical, theological and intellectual approach  to a more experiential place where we can encounter God’s activity around us. In Genesis … Continue reading

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