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It takes a whole village…

It’s time for true confessions… Nehemiah Chapter 3 is one of those chapters that I would skip over when I was on one of those “read your Bibles through in a year” programs. It is kind of like the book … Continue reading

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Three Questions for Discerning God’s Direction based on Nehemiah

There is no doubt that Nehemiah was a visionary. He had big God dreams that matched his big God heart. But, how did he know that God was indeed leading him? Nehemiah Chapter 2 offers us a model for discernment … Continue reading

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Pursuing Our Dreams: Lessons from Nehemiah

I have a dream… a powerful statement made famous by Martin Luther King Jr in one of the most famous speeches ever made that effectively changed the course of history as we know it. There are many great persons throughout … Continue reading

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Why I want to be a player in the cosmic drama

In the midst of teetering economies, droughts in Africa, and the grief stricken city of Oslo, we may wonder how we as Christians can contribute anything of significance in God’s cosmic plans for the earth. How can Pastor Harry’s suggestion … Continue reading

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