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More than enough

It is said that giving is the spiritual thermometer of the church. A healthy congregation will experience healthy giving because it is tied directly to our understanding of God and our relationship to him. And yet, it seems to be … Continue reading

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Nehemiah’s model of confession

The book of Nehemiah is full of good practices for leaders and the church today. I was especially struck by Nehemiah’s prayer in the first chapter. After allowing his heart to be touched deeply by the things that were grieving … Continue reading

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Keeping the Sabbath – an exercise of freedom

Sometimes I feel like we have been invaded my little alien time keeping machines and don’t even know it! Our watches, cell phones and datebooks really do govern our lives… they set off alarms when we need to wake up, … Continue reading

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So you want to be missional?

For some time now, I have reflected deeply on what it means to encourage the church to become more missional. I am reminded of a parable that Jesus shared in Luke 14, “”Is there anyone here who, planning to build … Continue reading

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