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Sabbath and Gratitude

As I reflect on what it means to cultivate gratitude and a generous heart as a spiritual practice, I am reminded of the importance of keeping the Sabbath. I found this blog I wrote a few years back that really captures my … Continue reading

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The time is now…

Advent is a time to reflect and remember the story of Jesus Christ coming to us so long ago as we reread the Christmas stories, hear the Old Testament prophecies again, sing our favorite Christmas songs, look at manger scenes … Continue reading

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It’s Monday

It’s Monday… the festivities of Easter have come and gone… we remembered together the significance of Christ’s resurrection… we sang Hallelujah’s and feasted our eyes upon majestic colors and easter flowers… our ears are still ringing with resurrection songs… but what … Continue reading

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Since Harry and I have been exploring the meaning and benefits of the Sabbath over the past several months, I find myself drawn to the significance of Jesus’ Sabbath rest in the tomb. Just as God created the heavens and the earth and then … Continue reading

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