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For all my pastor friends and colleagues out there…

God… what makes people like ourselves follow this strange sensation we describe as “call” how is it these resilient seeds find a way to sprout even in the most hostile environment? we marvel as we watch others like ourselves plunge … Continue reading

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Listen for the whisper

There are some of us that worry… I happen to be one of those. It is not a trait that I am proud of especially since Jesus seems to say over and over to his disciples, “Do not worry”. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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some thoughts on relinquishing

A few years ago, I found myself going through a very dry time in my ministry. I found myself feeling tired, burnout, uncreative, and a little calloused. I was scheduled to spend a weekend at a local retreat center for … Continue reading

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Waiting with Jesus

As Holy Week draws near, I find myself sitting with Matthew 26:36-53. Jesus has celebrated the passover meal with his disciples and he has gone to the garden to pray. He tells Peter and that his soul is overwhelmed with … Continue reading

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