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the grace of giving

In May of 2000, I lost someone very dear to me… my stepfather, Daddy Bill. He died about three weeks before we returned from Italy. Daddy Bill was in a very real sense my father… he provided security, stability and … Continue reading

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More than enough

It is said that giving is the spiritual thermometer of the church. A healthy congregation will experience healthy giving because it is tied directly to our understanding of God and our relationship to him. And yet, it seems to be … Continue reading

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The Common Good… what’s that?

In my journey with Nehemiah, I cant help but notice that every paragraph of chapter three begins with the  detail that everyone is working side by side for the common good. The concept of common good was actually introduced at … Continue reading

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It takes a whole village…

It’s time for true confessions… Nehemiah Chapter 3 is one of those chapters that I would skip over when I was on one of those “read your Bibles through in a year” programs. It is kind of like the book … Continue reading

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